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"Wow, that (results from the Gaunitz Trichology Method) is incredible!"

Kathy Ireland,
International Supermodel and Business Mogul

I've spent 19+ years researching the EASIEST and most EFFECTIVE way to regrow hair...

Learn How to Regrow Hair and Supercharge Your Business



  • Learn the fundamentals of hair loss to help your clients.
  • Add a valuable service to make more money from each client or customer.
  • Maintain existing customers who struggle with hair loss.
  • Gain new clients by offering a wider range of services.
  • Gain satisfaction by connecting with and helping people who have a deep unmet desire to regrow their hair.
  • Build a foundation for potential future credentials in the World Trichology Society. 
  • Join the growing number of professionals that bridge the gap between medicine and cosmetology.
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Here's What Others Are Saying

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“Will has been helping men and women diagnose and reverse their hair loss for decades. He is an absolute expert in this field and is a total professional. I highly recommend him.”

Faraz Khan,
Founder of AntiAging Hacks Podcast

"The Gaunitz Trichology Method (taught in this course) is the simplified breakdown for the reasons for hair loss. I believe that it will be well adopted and will change the paradigm of hair loss treatment."

Dr. Brooke Bloometti,
DO, Board Certified Dermatologist

"I am so impressed at the vast amount of knowledge Mr Gaunitz has acquired in his career and how he has broken this information down in an easy-to-understand method. For Cosmetologists or Aestheticians like myself who would love to be of service to clients or patients who seek our advice with hair loss, this was invaluable. So many women and men are affected by hair loss at some time during their lives. I have wanted to provide the correct information to help. Thanks to William Gaunitz, I am much more confident than I have ever been when speaking to my clients who have come to me for help with hair loss."

Debra Wingo,
Celebrity Stylist and Licensed Cosmetologist

About Instructor

William Gaunitz, WTS is the founder of Evolution Hair Loss Institute and Advanced Trichology. A leader in the hair loss and regrowth space, William Gaunitz is a highly sought after speaker and lecturer in the science of regrowing hair. William is also a fellow at the World Trichology Society.

William has helped thousands of people in his clinics. Based in Tempe Arizona, he personally helps celebrities and sport figures regrow their hair. Currently he is very active as the CEO of Advanced Trichology.

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My simple, yet effective, Gaunitz Trichology Method is responsible tens of thousands of hair regrowth success stories across the world. 

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